[Advaita-l] Difference between Sankhya and Advaita

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Wed Sep 14 15:26:28 CDT 2011

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> With reference to the above,the purpose of "Yoga"in Yogadarshana is to unite Prakrithi with Purusha.The
>definition of "Yoga"is "Yujyate iti yogah",it is to yoke or unite.The Kundalini shakthi which is in the 'Muladhara"
>traverses through the different chakras and finally unites with the  Purusha in the "sahasrara"chakra which is
>a thousand petalled Lotus.

Dear Sri Srikanta,
I try to avoid responding to many of your unique observations on this list, but I would request you to please show,

(a) what do you mean by Yogadarshana? Is it Patanjala Yoga (i.e. yogasUtra of Patanjali - bhAshya of Vyasa and
      subcommentaries thereon) or is it something else?
(b) If Patanjala Yoga is meant, could you kindly provide a sUtra/bhAshya/sub-commentary reference which says
      that the purpose of this darshana is to unite Prakrithi with Purusha?
(b) If not Patanjala Yoga, could you enlighten us as to what are your terms of reference for saying the above and
      then bringing in Kundalini shakti and the chakras in this context? 
Finally, if manonasha is Buddhistic, please let us know what your opinion is of the gauDapAda kArikA-s that talk
of amanastA, amanI-bhAva and nirvikalpa/akalpakam. For your ease of reference, I am talking of verses 29-35
in the third prakaraNa of the kArikA-s, namely the advaita prakaraNa. 

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