[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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> Moreover, if
> you are not good enough to counter the question, you could have avoided
> the 'stamped declarations' & some sarcastic remarks like below :
> (a) OK. So, snake is true for you. Great.
> (b)Don't take name of revered texts to hide your misunderstanding.
> (c) The distinction should be understood between prama and bhrama.

Read portion of his post and then my post. You will be able to understand
the cause of my comments.
If you can't then I can't do anything more.

I can't exhaust myself anymore.

Sriman - with all due respects, I did study your post and frankly I do agree with Shree Bhaskarji comments in this regard. I was letting it go without making any further comments since I find a dead end, and was even surprised that shree Bhaskarji made the comment. 
In principle if I say something wrong with a post, but I cannot explain it, and others who have not expressed their opinion can explain it, then obviously there is something wrong in my statement. I have no interst in finding fault with anybody but if I am wrong in my understanding, I must know. 

If anyone else could find fault with the pratyaksha pramANa aspect that I mentoned and that Shreeman shreemallalitaalaalitaH says he finds it wrong but could not explain it what that is, I will be more than happy to know, since I have been examining the epistemological issues for some time and for that reason only studied Vedanta Paribhaasha and writing critical analysis of it. 

Hari Om!

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