[Advaita-l] Objective of Life by Mahakavi Kalidasa

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This is the verse taken from the great work of Mahakavi Kalidasa called "Raghuvamsa".
By explaining the dyanasty of Raghu, the great poet Kalidasa
explains the virtues of Raghu Dynasty.  Though, a pointer
towards the Raghu Dynasty, it also hints the objectives of
we human beings and the duties at different phases of life.
This sloka is taken from 1st chapter of Raghuvamsa
and Mahakavi Kalidasa says that during adolescence ie,
during brahmacharya ashrama, one should engage himself
in studies (veda & shastra adhyayana); in grihasthAshrama, 
one should strive for material pleasures (ofcourse, keeping dharma in mind)
to support his family; in vAnaprasthAshrama, having discharged all
the responsibilities, one should engage in adhyAtmika sAdhana;
thus, when the sAdhana bears the fruit, one should shed his 
mortal coil by attaining the yoga samAdhi (yogenaante tanutyajaam).  
This beautiful sloka is represented here which is 
my favourite verse in Raghuvamsa:

shaishave.abhyastavidyaanaaa.m yauvane viSayaiSiNaam
vaardhake munivR^ittiinaa.m yogenaante tanutyajaam 

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