[Advaita-l] knowledge of one's own liberation

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Tue Sep 13 00:41:40 CDT 2011

Obviously, mahaperiyava did not announce it to everyone to become popular. I
guess he did it because the concerned interviewer was sincere in his enquiry
to understand the process and experience.

There are also references to upanishads where one is certified as jnani by
another, which is illustrated by him.  The value for a practitioner is that
mukti is not a matter of once imagination but a reality verifiable by other
jnanis. One can proceed with certainity that if one is deluded one will be
told so and there will be no doubt if one is beyond delusion.
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> > Does it not sound scandalous that somebody else (may be a jnani or
> ajnani)
> > certify that one is a jnani.
> >
> Thread is about knowing one's conditions and not certifying or announcing.
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