[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 23:33, Omkar Deshpande <omkar_deshpande at yahoo.com>wrote:

> what I'm interested in is the question of how to choose between the two
> epistemologies -- one that considers pratyakSha as svataH-pramANa and others
> as requiring ultimate support from pratyakSha, and one that considers all to
> be svataH-pramANa.

Search for errors in each. If any one is devoid of errors, go with that. If
both have errors, leave them and search third one without that.

>  How do we know that Mimamsakas did not invent the svataH-pramANa
> formulation just because it would provide them the means to establish the
> Vedas as authority in debates with their philosophical rivals?

I'm amazed by use of words by you and some others. You and they appear to
suggest that some schools invented some theories to support their view
without having any logic behind it. They created theories to suit their
motives. They were either idiots or fanatics. They were not pursuing
knowledge devoid of errors. And, we people are without any bias. We know
more than them. We know that they were not logicians, etc. but
That is not the case. As you people have tendency to follow truth, so was

Now, answer to your question :
See reply to K. Sadananda's post which was posted by me.

In general, my question is a very specific version of a more general
> question: Given a set of N non-identical epistemologies, how does one decide
> which is the 'right' one?

See first part of this post.

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