[Advaita-l] chaturdashi nirNaya- ananta padmanAbha vrataM??

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Sep 12 09:27:36 CDT 2011

Kindly clarify whether just chanting these Mantras is effective or chanting
by understanding the meanings is effective.
Mantras are effective only if properly initiated by a suitable guru who has attained
siddhi in that or else it is futile.  The most important aspect is the "viniyOga"
of mantra.  There are some technical jargons in mantra sAdhana
and it is the guru who tests the maturity levels in the sishya. The mantra 
sAdhana is said to be in bAla, kaumAra, yauvvana, prauDha sthiti depending
upon the tIvrata in the sAdhana.  
But yes, mantrArtha jnAna chintana & bhAvana act as catalysis
in his sAdhana.  
If one has "saridon" tablet in his hand and if doesn't know how to use it during
head-ache, it is futile.  So, either he should know that saridon cures his headache
or a doctor should ask him to pop in the tablet.  
However, knowlege of chemical composition of the 
tablet gives him a better insight into the chemistry
and he would be in a better position to judge whether
saridon is better or analgesin.
So, for mEdhA, dhAraNa & pragjnA, mEdhA dakShiNAmurty is
chanted by us.  The prayer goes as (not giving the mUla mantra) :
"O Lord Dakshinamurty - I welcome you for bestowing retentive memory & 
analytical skill upon me".
Here in this mUla mantra, if one cannot feel the meaning & 
contemplate on the essential meanings viz., mEdhA, prajnA, 
prayaccha, svAha, one cannot grasp the "rishi hridaya". 
Which is why, bIja, shakti, kIlaka & viniyOga are chanted
before any mantra japa  
Without arthabhAvana, it is impossible "to feel the pulse of the Seer"
which is called "rishi hridaya".  


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