[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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Shreeman - PraNAms
In a way yes. Shraddhaa gets ingrained since baby as she grows and develops faith in the words of the first teacher - the mother. That I cannot see, nor prove by the logic that I know, I tend to accept based on the trustworthyness of the teacher that is teaching me - is this not true? The mental frame to accept is essential ingradient for shraddha and therefore much emphasis on the  four fold qualifications for brahma jignaasaa. 
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> Shraddha is defined as - shaastraya guruvaakyasya satyabudhyavadhaaraNaa
> saa shraddhaa - says Sankara in VevekachuDAmaNi. - that what shastras say
> and the interpretation of them by the teacher are indeed true - without that
> faith - no knowledge will takes place - shraddhaavan labhate jnaanam. This
> is intrinsic nature of Shabda pramANa whether we agree or not.

'words of shAstra nad gutu are true'  - this determination is shraddhA.
But, tell me it's origin.
Again shraddhA is cause of such shraddhA ??
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