[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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Mon Sep 12 06:08:16 CDT 2011

In the beginning were the Vedas. This means even before time, space and causation were there, Vedas existed. All the so called scientific logical arguments can go to a level after the creation as its boundary. Beyond that only the faith in scripture can take us. So logical arguments cannot prove / justify anything about Vedas which were a prior thing.
The difference between knowledge and belief is that in knowledge you know and belief starts where knowledge ends. For eg: You know where your house is located, but if you want to go to a place which you don’t know you start with a belief (with prior details) walk the path, see the milestones and reach destination. Once reached, it is no longer belief but it becomes knowledge since you now know.
The parampara strengthens your shaky belief since many masters have walked this path. If you doubt you will reach nowhere.
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Sudhakar Kabra


Hare Krishna
> so, prabhuji,  vedas' aparusheyatva  is the currency which is floating 
within tradition ??  Can this belief system within paraMpara would 
withstand the 'logical' attacks of outsiders to prove otherwise??  What 
would be the justification we provide to prove aparusheyatva of veda-s to 
outsiders, who would like to take this issue & debate outside the 
restricted traditional circle?? 
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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