[Advaita-l] chaturdashi nirNaya- ananta padmanAbha vrataM??

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Sep 12 03:41:34 CDT 2011

Namaste Dear Murtyji,
He said many examples are there for this. All those children are very brilliant in studies.
 Is this true?
While i have reservations against half-baked TV-conscious 
astrologers, tantra shastra do prescribe a prayoga called 
"sAraswatha kalpa prayOga".  
There is a leaf called "brAhmi" which is usually seen in northern himalayan 
regions.  A sort of chyavanaprasha is prepared with this brAhmi leaf
by chanting sAraswata mantras.  This is given in small dozage to
pregnant ladies.  
As regards the development of intelligence & intuition in brahmacharis,
there are certain suktas, mantras, stotras prescribed by our tradition.
1. mEdhA sUkta
2. gyAna sUkta
1. shrutidhAriNi vidyA
2. mEdhA dakShiNAmurty mantra
3. hayagrIva mantra
4. srIharSha chintAmaNi mantra (practiced by shri harsha mahakavi of nishadhiyam fame)
5. bAlA ShaDakShari mahAmantra
1. vidyAgaNapati stotra
2. dakShiNAmurty stotra
3. hayagrIva stotra
4. vidyAdAna vAk saraswati stOtra (this is shArada stOtra which is chanted 
    among the close upAsaka circles in Sringeri) ....i am fortunate to have one
5. Some of the slokas from Saundarya Lahari
These are some of the hymns / mantras chanted for sharp memory, intelligence
& intuition.  
One should not take this for granted that one would stand first in IIT, EAMCET,
In order to pass the physics exam, one should study & only study physics and not study 
shankara bhAshya or do the mantra japa of dakshinamurty.  Similarly, rest of the subjects 
in school / college.  There are no short cuts for excelling in studies. Secret of success in only hard work & practice.
The above mantras are applicable only for study of veda and it's related angAs. 


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