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On Sun, 11 Sep 2011, dr.praveen kumar wrote:

> Viprabhandhava,
> I am posing this question to all the knowledgeable members
> The author Vachaspati mishra in his work Bhamati says
> ''Not mere knowledge alone is desired but that leads to Avagati or
> Sakshataka(direct experience).That which 
> culminates in Avagati is the object of desire denoted by the suffix san
> This is in the context of atman.All the sub commentators of shankara bhashya
> did suggest direct experience
> as a means of realisation not just mere vedantic knowledge of atman.

No brahmasakshatakakara _is_ realization.  Vedantic knowledge (be careful 
of that word mere -- a lot of mischief is caused by it) is the means.

> What are the means suggested by shankara and other acharyas for this
> Avagati?

Vairagya.  Renunciation of all that is anatma.  Bhakti, upasana, yoga, 
karmayoga etc. increase the feeling of vairagya.

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