[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Veda

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On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 15:11, Raghav Kumar <raghavkumar00 at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1.WHERE (in which loka) did the first transmission take place in this
> kalpa?
> Presumably the Earth.

Using words of purANa-s, etc. , as kalpa, breath of Ishvara, etc., confuses
Are you talking according to scriptures or present evidences ?
If first, see scriptures for answer.
If last, There is no question of Ishvara, his breath, loka, kalpa, etc. So,
don't talk about them.

> 2.WHEN did the first transmission from brahmA ji to a human being take
> place? Some TIME/DATE has to be necessarily postulated, in principle.

If you accept brahmA, then accept yugAdi-kAla-gaNanA too. As scriptures say
that it was transferred to manu, etc., in kalpAdi. So, there is no doubt
about time.

> how did the RShis do
> tapas before the Vedas were revealed, since the very notion of tapas
> originates from the Vedas, this may well be accounted for by past
> samskAra-s
> of these AdhikArika puruShas called the RShis. So there is no circularity
> in
> positing them to be mantra-dRShTa-s through their tapas.

You will need to provide scriptural evidences to prove it. If scriptures say
that veda-s were taught to R^iShis by brahmA, then there is no room for your

>  The mantra-s
> themselves were of course a matter for ‘darSana’ by the RShi-s.

What is this 'darshana' ? And how it happens ?
Please, provide only scriptural evidences.

> P.S. Any model proposed by the pUrva-mImAmsaka-s will surely have to
> accommodate the fact that the earth could not support life earlier.

Why are you sparing vedAntin-s ?
They too accept veda-paramparA running from kalpAdI...

> We can
> call upon shraddhA to do the rest of the job. But to ask for jettisoning
> even such strong evidence such as the late origin for life on Earth  should
> be avoided..

I support you. But, you shouldn't try to stick to things like veda, Ishvara,
R^iShi, darshana, etc.

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