[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 03:33, Dr. Yadu Moharir <ymoharir at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Namaste:
> Instead of debating whether Veda is to be called apauruSheya or whether it
> remains in the realm of pauruSheya?  How come no one wants to discuss what
> is the exact knowledge discussed there under?

We can't come there, because if it is not pramANam we will be getting
nothing and wasting our life.

> Is that knowledge going to change in any shape form or manner?

Sure, it will change.
Don't you start following elders when you determine that they speak truth
and wish your good ?
Same is in this case. Once veda-s are determined as pramANam (because they
are apauruSheya), we will start thinking meaning of it and following it.

> ApauruSheya vaada is quite ancient.  Has anything come out of those
> deliberations? Except for feeling great that Veda's are great?

Actually this question shows that you are a pure believer.

> Why does no one address anything out it's use to the present?

Traditionalists have different approach to veda-s than you. They are using
them in their daily life.
Your lack of knowledge doesn't prove that it's not used.
If you mean that veda-s are not used according to your view, then I will
like to say that there are very few chances that your view will get hold of

> IMHO - All knowledge is for the living and it is our responsibility to
> discover the corrosponding applications.
> Can someone tell us
>        1. Whether there is any knowledge in Veda?


       2. Is that knowledge aqpplicable to the humans or humanity?


>        3. Advaitn often say become ONE with Him ?What does it really mean?

You will need to study vedAntam.

>        4. In one of theses post it was stated that there on only one mantra
> has survived?  Can some one elaborate on this?

I don't know.

>        5. If Veda has no meaning then what is the use of Veda?  Why gloat
> on this "Veda's are Great"?

Who told. I don't think anyone who is a part of discussion said it.
veda-s are great, because they are apauruSheya and hence mean of valid

>        6. I agree that we have lost the meaning or understanding of
> various rituals that specifically talk about the specific "Viniyoga".

It may be. But, we have saved many.
I read your post somewhere about 'viniyoga'. I can't say that it was in
accordance to tradition.

> However, if the Advatin position is that Veda is totally useless  then
> educate us on what is the use or application of advaita

That's not the case.
Those advaitins who say such are useless or else they mean something

>        3. What is point of talking in vacuum of Brahman that gets
> classified under anirvacaniiya?

It doesn't appear that you want to know our stand. It feels that you have
reached determination already. So, plain answers for you is:
No use for you, sir.

>        4. What is poi is taking about madhyamaa, para paShyanti while
> having no desire to understand vaikhari?

We will come to vaikharI later.

>        5. Most of the Vedanti, on this list have already announced that
> they have nothing to
> do with Veda and have no desire to understand them.  (I have several
> private communications that boil down this general essence).

If they really meant it then they are not aupaniShada-s. They are just
If they don't, then you were unable to understand.

>            7. Finally,
> whose responsibility should that be to explore the possible application
> to the present for the benefit for the society at large.

If it is different from tradition, then definitely not ours.

>        9. Knowledge
> that is found there is is even applicable today and most likely remain
> applicable for the future generations.

Same is the case of traditional explanation of veda-s.

>        10. Finally, svarga is not a separate place, we have to create it on
> this earth with our own efforts.
> Bhaagavata puraana
> 03300291 atraiva narakaH svarga iti mAtaH prachakShate
> Here, Sage Kapila tells his mother, Devahuti that  heaven and hell is our
> creation that we experience is result of our own deeds.  Essentially, we
> have to lie in the bed we make

If you read before and after this part of verse, you will find many
evidences to oppose your own view.

> moksha na hi vaa.asosti na graamantarame va | aJ~naana hR^idaya gra.nthiH
> naasho moksha iti smR^ita || shiva giitaa  13.32 ||
> Here it is the elimination of gland (granthi) that secretes the ignorance
> (knowledge that is not correct).  See if we eliminate the source of
> ignorance then there is no possibility of error.  Thus the salvation,
> essentially one does not have to keep on making the same mistakes.  You can
> never reach a different place by going on the same path.

We are doing according tradition. Sorry, that we are not following your
newer views.

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