[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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Can't say this is Indology, but there is a focus on rishis in Shrikant Talageri's book available at http://voi.org/books/rig/ which could be useful.

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><<<My argument is that the rishis separated by time and space, with no known contact between
>each other, have come up with the same mantras.... I agree with the need to go beyond logic but
>the attempt is to establish only using objective data and logic.>>>
>Doesn't this claim (of there being multiple seers who saw the same mantras) itself require faith, not that different from the claims of the Buddha or Mahavira having some special vision? How does logic and objective data show the above?
><<<Indological research shows that over 60 generations of 423 rishis
>have discovered many common mantras.>>>
>I would appreciate some pointers to this,
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