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Some additional thoughts:

Aitareya braahmaNa (5.3)  States that if some one sings this suukta in tune as well as rhythm, then the bhakta (the singer) experiences Indra's presence in his body !?

The background given in bR^ihddevataa is quite interesting. gR^itsamad R^ishii  acquires Inddra-svaruupa which was acquired though his practice of austerities.  Demon (asura) dhunii & chumuri circled him ( gR^itsamad R^ishii ) thinking that he is th real Indra.  That is why the repeating phrase (paalupada) "sa janaasa indra"  (Meaning - Indra is like this .) appears through out the entire suukta.  This is as illustration and the beginning of first R^icyaa yo jaata eva prathamo manasvaana.".

In this suukta 5th R^icaa highlights the concept of "shraddhaa", which is often recited together with "shraddhaa suukta (10.151)" during the medhaa-janana samskaara of upanayana.

Dr. Yadu

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2011/9/8 Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>:
> yaGYena vAchaH padavIyamAyantAmanvindannR^iShiShu praviShTAm

> "With sacrifice they[1] followed the footsteps of vAk[2], and found her
> dwelling within the R^iShis." (R.V. 10.71.3)

> In the course of reading the bhAShya on brahmasUtra 1.3.29 I noticed that
> the AchArya has quoted a R^ik one of the rare instances where he refers to
> the saMhita portion of shrUti.


The above mantra is from what is called GYAna-sUkta (perhaps the only
sUkta in the entire saMhita, to GYAna). Another well known mantra of
the sUkta is the famous 'saktuM-iva tita una', which is prayer to vAk

In his commentary/translation of brahmasUtra, by Prof. Date, a
disciple of Gurudeo Ranade lists in the appendix, references by
AchArya in his bhaaShyas. Among them, there is another reference to
saMhita (this time as well to Rig Veda).

It is mantra 2.12.2, devoted to Indra, RiShi gRitsamada (of course)
and trishhThup chandas:

yaH prithivi vyathamaana aDiMhadyaH parvataanprakupitaaM aramNat
yo antarixaM vivame varIyo yo dyaamastabhnatsa janaasa indraH [RV 2.12.2]

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