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On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 13:24, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> Kindly clarify what are the justifications shankara provides for vedA-s
> apaurusheyatva,

अनपेक्षत्वात् । - see this word in bhAShyam.

> as far I remember here in this adhikaraNa shankara talks
> about veda nityatva (eternality)

It establishes nityatvam of relation of word and meaning. This is not
specific to words called veda.

>  and not about veda apaurusheyatva per se
> and adhikAra of devata-s in obtaining brahma jnana.

and why does he establish nityatvam of relation of word and meaning ?

One more doubt,   if all the words & its svara-s (intonations) of veda-s
> are apaurusheya why some say Rig veda is the 'oldest' among veda-s??

Because they don't accept veda apauruSheya.

>  why
> the same maNtra with different svara-s??

You must ask Ishvara for it. Because they are his breath.(according to
Or, ask R^iShis , as they saw it differently.(according to you.)
Or, see prAtishAkhya-s for rules specific to each veda.

 rigveda maNtra svara-s are
> widely different from yajurveda maNtra-s.  For example gAyatri maNtra...we
> say gAyatri maNtra drashtAra is rishi vishvAmitra, which of the maNtra he
> has seen first??

Wrong question. We don't accept first revelation to R^iShis.
You accept, so reply yourself.

> Moreover, at the end of bruhadAraNyaka there is a big list of
> jnAni rishi-s (obviously jnani-s names,  which we know very well like
> shankara, ramaNa etc. missing here) with their father & grand father names

All are just for vidyA-stuti. No reality acceptable.
If you insist, it is just kAkatAlIya-nyAya.
If you say that it's not, then veda-s are pauruSheya(only because of you

and there is plenty of stories in veda bhAga & various diologues between
> shishya-guru, father-son etc. on various topics

Didn't you read bhAShyam of apauruSheyatvavAdin, called sha~Nkara, that they
are stories for vidyA-stuti.

> and there is a mention of
> tools like nail cutter etc.

Mention of nail-cutter proves veda-s created by people!!! Sure, for those
who accept evolution according to new people.
We don't accept that. We say that they are created by veda. See, bhAShyam of
adhikaraNa you mentioned.

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