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> You do not know in which manner the Rshis saw mantras.  You are assuming it 
> is by yogic means but that is by no means settled.  It could have been 
> because of their practice of yajna as mentioned in the purusha sukta. There 
> is a theory that soma was a hallucinogen which could have put the Rshis into 
> a suprasensory state.

In the course of reading the bhAShya on brahmasUtra 1.3.29 I noticed that 
the AchArya has quoted a R^ik one of the rare instances where he refers to 
the saMhita portion of shrUti.

yaGYena vAchaH padavIyamAyantAmanvindannR^iShiShu praviShTAm

"With sacrifice they[1] followed the footsteps of vAk[2], and found her 
dwelling within the R^iShis." (R.V. 10.71.3)

[1] the hotR^is or officiating priests in a shrauta yaGYA.

[2] Speech personified.

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