[Advaita-l] Hymn on Lord Ganesha

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Thu Sep 8 01:24:00 CDT 2011

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while Ganesha has only one "tooth"(vakratunda)-which 
vakratunda implies curved trunk not tooth.
This is FYI.
In the above hymn what I said was adi shankara has combined "alankara"which is implied and not explicitly stated in the stotra."Vakra tunda"means ofcourse 'curved trunk"which is in the shape of 'Om",it also means 
that which breaks the perversion(Vigna).The word"Ekadanta'means one tooth(the other being broken by him to write the "Mahabharatha"as chanted by Veda Vyasa.The Agaja anana means one who is not with elephant head,though he is portrayed as with elephant head.Padma means lotus which is liked by elephants,arka means Sun,the Gajanana who disples darkness(aharnisam),and brings light(arka),the aneka dam tam(chanted as Anekadantam,the many teeth which means with many desires,I worship(upasmahe)
the one toothed God(ekadantam),which is Advaita.This is FYI.

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