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Shree Rajaram - PraNAms
First, the logic that you have used is not fool-proof to establish the apourusheyatva of the Vedas. 
Second, ultimately it comes down to ones belief that they are - in terms of the exact words and meters or mantras etc apourusheyam, in spite of any supporting logic you may have.
Third, once it is accepted that ultimately it is a question of belief or faith, and then all the logic that is being used is not necessary - since in the final analysis it is the faith that matters.
If one wants logically to be established, I would like to content with the idea that it is the knowledge that is aourusheyatvam, rather than exact expression in words; since the absolute truth discussed is aloukikam and hence Vedas have to be taken as pramANa and no other pramANa is valid in that realm. In that sense I do concur that all knowledge is apourusheyam. An appropriate pramANa only helps in removing the cover (to discover) for the knowledge getting revealed to the qualified pramAta. This way, it is logically sound and in principle the words and the meters help to communicate the knowledge precisely just as F=ma; but it is not necessary to communicate only in that way. Hence we accept any scriptures or segments of scriptures that agree with Vedanta, only reject those segments that do not. Even in the Vedanta; there are several matams that using the same words but extract different meanings for those words. Hence the knowledge embedded in the
 Vedantic words itself getting distorted in terms of implied meaning of those words. The essential problem is words do not describe the truth (na vaak gachhati, no manaH) and hence the emphasis on the sampradaaya and teaching methods of the words contained in the Vedas for properly dis-covering the knowledge contained in them which is apourusheyam. For that reason Vedas themselves prescribe to approach a teacher rather to study them. That knowledge is eternal is not faith but fact, and therefore beyond logic or beliefs too. That is truly apourusheyam.  The rest is faith and no logic is needed to support it. 

Just my 2c.

Hari Om!

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The following is my argument for apaurushey​atva of veda. Pl. correct me if
it is wrong. If vedas are apaurusheya, they should exist independent of any
purusha or person. That is they have to exist as an entity in their own
right with the same words and meter. Such an independent existence can be
proved only if two persons removed in space and time discover the same
mantra. Indological research shows that over 60 generations of 423 rishis
have discovered many common mantras. This is very different and unique in
human history. There are many instances of two or more people coming up with
similar ideas (e.g.  calculus by Newton and Leibnitz) but they are not
exactly the same in form and content. On the  other hand, some of the Veda
mantras discovered by different rishis are exactly the same to the meter.
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