[Advaita-l] Pitrupaksha questions-On Lokasangraha

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Sat Oct 1 06:36:09 CDT 2011

I think in our discussions we have lost sight of Lokasamgraha. The spirit of Lokasamgraha really comes from the advaita jnana.All work of an advaitin is for Lokasamgraha. That also includes work for the advaitin himself or herself as he or she is also not different from the others. The karma of Lokasamgraha is compatible with Jnana. Lord krishna himself said that he does not need to work yet he does. Asking what he does it for provides the clue. That mental purity comes only from Jnana.


Sunil KB
The mention about Lokasangraha is only incidental(prasangika)by the Bhagavan.It is not necessary that a Jnani has to work for Lokasangraha.It may be true in the ancient times.But,when fools are around who are engulfed by ajnana(darkness)there is no point to work for Lokasangraha by the Jnanins.Upadeshohi murkhanam prakopaya na shanthaye.
The BG on the state of a Jnani beautifully explains:
"Ya nisha sarvabhuthanam tasmat jagrathi samyami!
 yasmath  jagrathi bhuthanam sa nisha pashyate muneh!!"

When it is the nisha(night) for the other beings(ajnanis),the Jnani who is a "Samyami"is awake.When it is wakefulness(day-which means their involvement in the loka vyavahara in ajnana)it is night for the Jnani.
This shows that the Jnani who is aware of the truth about the world is awake that means who has jnana,in his samyama(equanimity).But,when all the other beings are involved in wordly activities or who are ajnani,this state is darkness(nisha)for a Jnani.
This means a Jnani will not follow the mundane activities of the world,which is engulfed by Karma.
There were Jnanis in India.For example,SriRamana Mahrshi.He never went in search of disciples(shishyas),for Lokasangraha.They came to him for knowing the Jnana.

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