[Advaita-l] vedic yajna

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Tue Nov 29 22:24:07 CST 2011

However, any point has to be established with references. According to Shri Haridas Sastry, who holds 14 traditional degrees including ones in Nyaya, Vyakharana etc., 
Are you talking of Shri Haridas Sastry, the octogenarian of Brindavan? I have great respect for him and his scholarship.  He happens to be the descendant of Rupa Goswami. 
But inspite of his great scholarship, has a "tilt" towards gaudiya siddhanta. 
So, you can't expect a perfect shrauta / grihya sutras from sastryji.
// His arguments are in the public domain as part of "Review of Beef in Ancient India" //
I have gone through this book. Ashwalayana & Paraskara Grihya sutras have been twisted as per one's own convenience.  
As far as the bull is concerned, Katyayana & Paraskara do mention about this when the
newly married couple perform the homa desiring a son with brahmatejas.  Set of cows alongwith calf and a bull are placed and rudra, prajapati, indra, agni mantras are invoked 
for a progeny.  This is followed by mAmsa bhOjana and brAhmaNa santarpaNa.  
The life of above-mentioned grihastha is just not like One Time Settlement that you 
beget a son by consuming mAmsa and just forget.  If one observes the shrauta sutras
and the rituals associated with it, you would understand what sort of strict adherence to 
shrauta karma is prescribed for such a grihastha right from his birth till the 16 samskArAs of his son.  
So, mAmsa bhakShaNa is just not a fanciful idea which we are entertaining now with our
half-baked scriptural knowledge.
Study of shrauta sutras under a competent mimamsa scholar is required. 

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