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Then why not see the Dharmasundhu, which was written two centuries later than the Nirnayasindhu and specially because it  is even nearer to our time and if you think that nearness to our time is the most important thing tyo be onsidered ? Following your logic probably Kane's work also can claim to have a higher status than both the Niraayasindhu and the Dharmasindhu. This will show the fallacy in your argument. I find your equating the Nirnayasindhu with the original Darmashastra texts somewhat strange.


Sunil KB

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On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 10:48 AM, Sunil Bhattacharjya
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> Namaste,
> I am surprised that you have not got what I wrote in very simple English. I
> said that whatever Kamalakara Bhatta wrote on beef-eating some 400 years ago
> in his compendium, has to be substantiated by you if you are banking on the
> statement of Kamalakara Bhatta. This is in  no way any derogation or
> aspersion on Nirnayasindhu, in its position as a secondary authority.
Nirnaya Sindhu prohibition of Beef need not have to be substantiated
at all because a Dharma Sastra book is based on Sruti, Smruti, Purana,
Itihasa and Sistachara only. Otherwise no one will call it as a Dharma
Sastra book. Any person challenging it will have to produce evidence
to show it is wrongly prohibiting Beef. No body in this list has done
it so far.

> Did you by any chance think that Brihadaranyaka gave a general sanction for
> beef-eating? I personally think that Bhishma was right when he said that
> meat was offered in yajna by dhoortas.
I am repeating earlier statements. We have to follow Sruti keeping
respect for Desha and Kala Dharma also. If Brihadaranyaka has beef
eating rituals we have to respect Desha and Kala Dharma from books
like Nirnaya Sindhu and avoid beef in that ritual. It does not mean we
have to not perform the ritual but it must be changed to suit our

> Regards,
> Sunil KB
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> Namaste
> It is not impossible for people more knowledgeable than Nirnaya Sindhu
> author to be available. But we have to see some evidence. Some person
> X cannot come and say Nirnaya Sindhu prohibition of Beef in Kali Yuga
> is not correct without giving evidence he is more qualified. I am
> asking where is the evidence? He can also give a counter saying from
> another scholar  more qualified. AFAIK no scholar has given evidence
> why Nirnaya Sindhu must not be followed.
> I already gave Vedic reference from Yajur Veda 'cows are not to be
> killed' but people are ignoring it. The Vedas will not say do this in
> Kali Yuga and do this in other Yugas. It is the duty of the Smrutis to
> say that.
> It is dumb to say our ancestors Rishis were eating meat so we can eat
> it. The conditions and environment in those days were different. Now
> it is different. If we say Rishis were eating meat so we can eat we
> must be prepared to do other things they were doing also. They were
> doing Tapas without food and water for many years. Are you prepared to
> that? No. Then why say we can eat meat because Rishis were eating. If
> you say our ancestors were eating meat in Yajnas. Are you prepared to
> do Yajnas continuously for many days? Do you have stamina and patience
> to do that? No. Then why say we can eat meat like our ancestors. It is
> hypocrisy.
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 12:49 AM, Sunil Bhattacharjya
> <sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Dear Venkateshji,
>> You said
>> Quote
>>> these things in a clear way without room for any ambiguity.  But I do The
>>> Nirnaya Sindhu author
>> Kamalakara Bhatta read all the Vedas the Smrutis, the Puranas and more
>> before writing in Kali Yuga
>> Beef is Banned. He knew what you have written and more.  Do you think you
>> are more knowledgeable
>> than him? If yes how?
>> Unquote
>> It is not impossible that people more knowledgeable than Kamalakara Bhatta
>> may be available today.
>> Secondly, One must give the original reference in a debate. After all the
>> Nirnayasindhu is a sort of
>> compendium and it has only secondary authority. So one must cite the
>> original reference to the vedic exts
>> including the Smritis.
>> Regards,
>> Sunil KB


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