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2011/11/27 V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>

> Namaste.
> It is said that the औत्पत्तिकसूत्रम् in the शाबरभाष्यम् for the
> जैमिनि-sUtras contains the sentence 'शुक्तिका हि रजतवदवभासते' that
> Shankaracharya mentions in the adhyAsa bhAShya as an example for adhyAsa. I
> request the learned members to give details as to the context in which the
> sentence is found in this early mImAmsaka text.
> Regards,
> subrahmanian.v

In reply to the above request, which was also made in the Bharatiya
VidwatpariShad discussion group, I wish to share with members here the
following correspondence:

*Dr. Hari Narayana Bhat B.R. M.A., Ph.D.,
**Research Scholar,
Ecole française d'Extrême-OrientCentre de Pondichéry
16 & 19, Rue Dumas
Pondichéry - 605 001

From: *V Subrahmanian* <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>
Date: 2011/11/28
To: bvparishat at googlegroups.com


Thank you very much for the extensive references and explanations.  From
your quoted portion I am able to see one more close similarity  between the
mImAmsA shAstra and Shankara bhAShya:
 तत्रापरीक्ष्य प्रवर्तमानो अर्थात्  विहन्येत अनर्थं चाप्नुयात् कदाचित्.|
 [This is the pUrva mImAsA sentence from the shAbara bhAshya]
 At the end of the bhashyam for the first vedaanta sutra 'athAto
brahmajijnAsA' we find this sentence:
अत्राविचार्य यत्किंचित्प्रतिपद्यमानो निःश्रेयसात्प्रतिहन्येत अनर्थं चेयात्
This sentence is available in the shAnkara bhAShya (adhyAsa bhashya last
अस्यानर्थहेतोः प्रहाणाय आत्मैकत्वविद्याप्रतिपत्तये सर्वे वेदान्ता
आरभ्यन्ते ।
Anyone interested in an English version of a discourse by the eminent
Vidwan Dr. Mani Dravid SastriNaH on the adhyAsa bhAshya can read the same
which is available for free download:
and another informative note:

Warm regards and thanks,
[The original response from Dr.Bhat containing the image reproduction from
the pUrvamimamsaa texts could not be presented here owing to constraints of


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