[Advaita-l] Learning Mimamsa Logic for Apaureshyatva

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 14:55:56 CST 2011

> There is one member from Chennai and one member from Hyderabad who have
> expressed interest to participate in the session. If there are others
> interested, please send your confirmation ASAP so that I can plan it with
> Shri Mani Sastrigal.

I compiled a few objections to apaureshyatva from an expert in our
traditions. I will compile the defence later but I would like to get as
many points attacking the position of apaureshyatva first.

1. Arguments in Jayanta Bhatta's Nyaya Manjari
2. Sankhya Karikas
3. Sarvanukramani lists authors for Veda Mantras
4. Gotra - genetic evidence shows that all rishis lived in the recent past
where as humans lived long before that
5. Brahmana narratives have clear reference to events, people and places in
a particular point time. The description of bodily features (e.g. baldness)
cannot be eternal
6. Avestan Texts have parallel mantras. It shows that these were just
parallel ideas that cross-pollinated between cultures
7. Linguistic analysis shows that the sanskrit language shares its
founddations wih pan european languages
8. The defense of apuarehsyatva is not the same among the traditions that
believe in apaureshyatva
9. The theory of evolution and origin of universe do not admit of
10. Historical analysis of our texts show evolution of language and
correspondence to historical events
11. Our texts contain profound ideas but also ridiculous concepts such as
earth standing on four elephants supported on a giant tortoise. It is not
possible to admit these statements as eternal truths
12. Different rishis borrow from each other and add different meter to
mantras etc. It is not reasonable to say that the different forms of the
mantras and even the rituals are eternal

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