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On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:16 AM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
> praNAms Sri Venkatesh Murthy prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
>>  Since my guruji,  Sri vidyA prabhuji himself is handling this issue I
> dont have to say anything, he would reply to your observations in a more
> appropriate way..Anyway, if you could permit me here is 2 naya paisa worth
> comment on your observation from my desk.
> Yes a Sista will consider Sankara Bhashya but he must also consider
> Smruti and other references. If he does that he will 100% conclude
> Sankara Bhashya cannot be taken directly because the direct meaning is
> against other works. He must take the modfied meaning of Sankara
> Bhashya and not eat Bull meat if he has desire to have a learned son.
>>  There are plenty of smruti-s (like Apasthambha dharma sUtra-s & gautama
> dharma sUtra-s) and purANa texts which prescribes meat eating in the form
> of prasAdaM or yajna shesha without particularly putting any 'yuga'
> boundaries to this!! If memory serves me right, some sUtra-s (probably
Because the Yuga boundaries are given in general headings like Nirnaya
Sindhu gives. If they give in general heading they will not keep
repeating in Kali Yuga do this don't do this.

> Apasthambha) even directly recommends meat eating without purifying it as
> prasAdaM!!  Somewhere it recommends one should not take ready made food,
> and flavored food except raw meat, honey & salt.  Somewhere else it also
> says one should not eat 4 footed animals with an exception of boar,
> tortoise, hare, porcupine etc.:-))  So, you see, in the non-veg menu not
> only goat, beef it is more than that in smruti texts :-))  Moreover, as
Not correct. Beef is prohibited  by Vedas, Smruti and Sistachara. What
more do you want? Other meat can be eaten by non Brahmins but Brahmins
cannot eat even other meat. This is for South Indian Brahmins. For
North Indian Brahmins beef is prohibited. We have to respect Desha and
Kala in Dharma discussion. There can be changes because of Desha and

> Sri vidyA prabhuji clarified, husband and wife eating meat is a special
> occasion and they have definite purpose (iccha) in doing so..And, more
> importantly,  neither shruti nor shankara saying that this particular
> 'food' item is recommended only for other yuga-s for daMpati-s and in kali
> yuga we need to search for some other alternatives :-)
Not correct. Husband and Wife cannot eat prohibited items like beef in
special occasions. If they eat saying Adi Sankara has said it they
will commit sin.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar



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