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>> I completely agreed with this earlier in Sanskrit 'Kaliyuge
>> Vrushabhamamsasthane Chagamamsam Prayujyate'. If Shastra Vakya is
>> asking to use Bull meat we have to substitute it in Kali Yuga by Goat
>> meat or for Brahmins only vegetarian substitute. This is what I am
>> saying but others are saying we have to use Bull meat in Kali Yuga
>> also. That is wrong. Kindly read messages from Vidyasankar and
>> Bhaskar.
>> Sri Vidyasankara is saying Adi Sankara lived in Kali Yuga. If he says
>> use Bull meat we must obey it. I say no. We should not use Bull meat
>> in Kali Yuga.
> I said nothing of the sort. I said that SankarAcArya does not talk of your
> substitution. kaliyuga began with the end of kRshNAvatAra and of course,
> SankarAcArya lived in kaliyuga. So your assertion of using goat meat in
> this particular rite is without the backing of SishTAcAra or AcAryopadeSa.
> At least, that is the case till you can quote some authority in support.
> What this also means is that in the times that SankarAcArya lived, the
> practice, if it was followed at all, must have been exactly as described
> in the upanishad text. No special appeal to ukshA and Rshabha being
> herbs and no substitution of goat - as per the bhAshya - that is all that
> I am saying. Nothing more, nothing less.
Question- Do you say we have to use Bull meat in Kali Yuga? If Yes you
are in contradiction to Smruti and Sistachara. If Adi Sankara said
Bull Meat in Upanishad Bhashya we must and should substitute by Goat
or vegetarian diet because we are living in Kali Yuga. We cannot
disobey Smruti and Sistachara even though Adi Sankara said use Bull

If answer for above question is No you must agree Adi Sankara's words
cannot  mean Bull meat directly even though he said Bull meat. We must
substitute by some other thing like vegetarian diet for Brahmins and
Goat for other Dvijas. This is only logical conclusion. No other
conclusion is possible.

> Vidyasankar



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