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Namaste Sri Sriram

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> Namaste murtyji,
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> But here the Shastra says two contradicting things in two places.
> //
> Shastras never say any contradictory statements.  Even if it seems contradictory like
> "uditE juhOti / anuditE juhOti", it is said as per the adhikAra lakShaNa.
> //
> In Yajur Veda Samhita Ishe Tvorje it has said cows are Aghniya and in Br Upanishad for
> getting a learned son a man can eat Bull meat with rice. How to solve
> this contradiction? Practice is the solution
> //
> Yes. Practice is the solution.  It is the firm faith & conviction in vedas & shastras which is required.
This is what I said also.

> First practice the sAdhana prescribed in the shastras and they find the facts rather than
> brush aside the shAstra vAkya.
Nobody has said Shashtra is wrong. We have to take indirect meaning
when direct meaning is not correct.

> As far as gO-mEdha & madhuparka are concerned, nirnaya sindhu has clearly defined this
> as:
> madhuparkE pashOrvadhaH mAmsadAnaM tathA shrAddhE vAnaprasthAshramastathA
> mahAprasthAna gamanaM gOmedhashcha tathA makhaH imAn dharmAn kali yugE
> varjyAnAhurmanIshiNaH
> ie., pashu vadha during madhuparka puja, usage of mamsa during shrAddha, gO mEdha yajna are prohibited in Kali Yuga.  Which means, these were prevalent in other yugas.
I completely agreed with this earlier in Sanskrit 'Kaliyuge
Vrushabhamamsasthane Chagamamsam Prayujyate'. If Shastra Vakya is
asking to use Bull meat we have to substitute it in Kali Yuga by Goat
meat or for Brahmins only vegetarian substitute. This is what I am
saying but others are saying we have to use Bull meat in Kali Yuga
also. That is wrong. Kindly read messages from Vidyasankar and

Sri Vidyasankara is saying Adi Sankara lived in Kali Yuga. If he says
use Bull meat we must obey it. I say no. We should not use Bull meat
in Kali Yuga.

> In parAshara mAdhavIya :
> ashvAlaMbhaM gavAlaMbhaM sanyAsaM palapaitrukaM
> dEvarAccha sutOtpattiH kalaU pancha vivarjayEt
> ie., in kali yuga these 5 are prohibited :
> a) ashvamedha yajna b) gomedha yajna c) usage of meat in shraadha
> d) begetting child through devara (husband's brother) & tridanda sanyasa
> Which means, these were prevalent in some other yuga.
I agree 100% with this.

> regs,
> sriram



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