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praNAms Sri Venkatesh prabhuji
Hare Krishna

For rituals also the practice comes first and theory afterwards.

>  do you mean to say the whole of brAhmaNa portion of veda is a written 
document after practice?? 

Yes Viruddha Acharana may happen but the original Acharana is correct
one. It will be preserved and practiced by the knowledgeable people.

>  no traditionalists would agree that prevalent practice would supersede 
the shAstra vAkya-s. 

Shastra is saying in another place that is first Yajur Veda Mantra
"Ishe Tvorje" the cows Aghniya cannot be killed. Then how can Shastra
say eat Bull Meat in another place like Br Up. Are you saying cows
cannot be killed but bulls can be killed? This is meaningless.

>  contextually both are meaningful.  That is the reason why both mutually 
differing view points said in same veda.  In general gOhatya is prohibited 
but in particular exceptional cases  like begetting a wise kid it is 
permitted to take meat. 

Mandana Mishra argued with Adi Sankara on a different point. Is Veda
authority for Karma only or does it have authority for Jnana matters
also? The discussion was on Shastra only not practice. His wife was
asking for experience in sex matters.

>  Yes, though shankara did not have any practical experience in karma 
kAnda, mandana allowed him to participate in vAda?? If the practical 
experience is a mandatory requirement to talk anything about karma, 
mandana would have simply objected the participation of a sanyAsi in the 
matter which is quite exclusive to gruhasta-s.  He would have said 
sankara,  since you are a saNyAsi, who does not have any practical 
experience in karma kAnda you are not authorized to debate this issue with 
me, so this way please for the exit..is it not :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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