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praNAms Sri Venkatesh prabhuji 
Hare Krishna

>>  Yes, but theory (veda & smruti texts in this case) is what stand as
> pramANa in karma/dharma jignAsa.

This line of argument is faulty. 

>  No this is the declaration given by shankara bhagavat pAda himself in 
sUtra bhAshya.  In the dharma jignAsa, shruti/smruti is the only 

If only theory is known and practice
is different from theory there is no use of this theory. 

>  It should be other way round prabhuji.  If something followed in 
practice without any base in shAstra than it will be of no use prabhuji. 

If theory is
saying Madhuparka must have meat and practice is saying Madhuparka
does not have meat it is clear practice is the winner of the contest.

>  No, it is shAstra viruddha AcharaNa, if not,  then every 'new' practice 
would result in new theory which does not have any base in shAstra. 

Adi Sankara may have studied Mimamsa theory but when practice is different 
we cannot take the theory words as direct meaning. We have to take 
indirect meaning to satisfy the practice. He said Bull Meat but in 
practice there is no Bull meat. 

>  If shAstra & Acharya both saying it is bull meat and practitioner has 
opted for some other alternative then definitely this substitute is 
shAstra nishedhita.  Because these alternatives have not been suggested by 
shAstra.  If there is any alternatives, shAstra would have definitely said 
that.  For example, in agnimukha (Apasthambha sUtra) shAstra itself 
suggests an alternative for brahma in the form of kUrcha (a knotted 

Also in practice we know to make son learned he must study hard. He will 
not become learned
because his father ate meat and impregnated his mother.

>  as per shAstra vachana eating meat is an additional requirement to get 
a sharp son..otherwise, shAstra would have said to become a learned 
scholar, the son has to study hard :-))

That Parakaya Pravesha incident was later than writing the Bhashya.
But the Parakaya Pravesha proves experience is the best teacher.

>  But mandana mishra a practitioner had happily agreed to engage himself 
in vAda with an inexperienced bAla sanyAsi without asking for any 
practical experience :-)) is it not??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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