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Thu Nov 24 21:58:38 CST 2011

Inasmuch as we are talking about the upanishad, the SAnkarabhAshya is very
much an authority in understanding it. My intent in quoting the bhAshya 
was this -
the explanation given therein is straightforward; no talk of substituting 
goat meat
for that of a bull (this suggestion from Sri Venkatesh Murthy is 
no talk of herbs called ukshA or Rshabha (extremely far-fetched 
interpretation, in 
my opinion).

Hare Krishna

Though it is a well known fact that  non veggies always bound to develop 
tAmasa guNa and meat eating in adhyAtma sAdhana is not at all advisable, 
in an exceptional cases such as above it is advised to take meat!! In 
vAdAvaLi when we were discussing the same bruhadAraNyaka maNtra, somebody 
quoted the following to substantiate that meat or non-veg delicacies 
including beef were there in our ancient Rishi/muni's menu card :-))  Here 
is what he quoted : 


Atharva Veda 9.6 Meat is distributed to the brahmanas 
Satapatha Brahmana Cows and bulls are prohibited. At the same 
time sage Yagnavalkya is said to eat the flesh of cows provided it is 
Atharvavediya Kausika Grhya Sutra 12.8 One desiring harmony of minds 
should eat calf meat mixed with some sour substance 


Apart from above, AFAIK there are plenty of verses  from purANa-s & manu 
dharma smruti with regard to practice of meat eating in brAhmaNa & 
kshatriya kula ( which force us to put  Lord rAma & krishna also in 
non-veggie camp :-))   

On the lighter note, so, brAhmaNa bandhu-s,  those who are born in 
brAhmaNa kula & hesitating to add meat in their menu now can do so with 
the support of pramANa from our own sacred shAstra-s :-)) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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