[Advaita-l] shoolini durga pooja vidhAna

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The one on the internet is okay but not perfect.

Please refer the durgA section of shAradA tilaka or the prapa~nchasAra. It is much vivid and lucid there.

However, shUlinI or vanadurgA upAsana requires proper upadesha and whether ritvik or otherwise cannot perform it from just a book.

Lots of technicalities might be missed when performing from a book.

He has to approach a teacher well versed in this.

Here is an alternate. In the experience of a certain vaidika, he was asked to recite the durgA sUkta some x number of times and in the end offer a namaH to shUlinI and vanadurgA,

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Hare Krishna

Could anyone provide the details of shoolini durga japa, pooja, hOma 
vidhAna please.  It is required for one of my Ritvik bandhu-s.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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