[Advaita-l] vedic yajna

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Obviously the particular meat was recommended for consumption by the expectant mother solely for better nutrition. What Manu writes is that before eating (any permissible) meat it has to be consecrated. However  he has not given the details of the consecration process. The process I read in one book long ago is to dedicate the meat to Lord Vishnu in his  Mrigendra roopa before the partaking (or is it the cooking) of the meat. I have seen some cook offering a small portion of the cooked meat  to the fire, before the people are allowed to take that. You may be familiar with the terms "Kravyavahi" Agni and the "Havyavahi" Agni as well as of the way the former is sent away in the beginning of a Homa / Havana. It is quite possible that such procedure could have been followed in the ancient times. May be some other members may have more information of it. .

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If there are experts in rituals, I would like to know what ritual is
referred to in this passage of Brihadarnyaka Upanishad and the procedure
outlined there - whether it involves use of medicinal herbs or bull's
meat.  Without expertise in rituals, one cannot interpret these passages as
that will be superficial.
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