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Dear All,

Kanchi Paramacharya in the book Hindu Dharma stated cow sacrifice was done but not like Westerners describe as to eat steak, etc. He also said cow sacrifice is nishedha in Kali yuga. I have heard animal sacrifice is shastrically accepted and is exempt from dosha of animal's death and so of animal evolves higher.

A separate issue is mamsa bhakshanam, ie, meat eating. This is independent of yagna as meat obtained for food is not necessarily obtained via yagna. Kanchi Paramacharya , shastras, and common practice have accepted meat eating for many jaathis in the 4 Varnas. However, sanyasis, most Braahmana and Vaishya males are veg as per shstras. For others who are veg, it is not mandatory, rather choice but of higher merit. Just as using flour images instead of animals in yagna.

Is there any Shastric reference that gives exception to the statement that meat eating is a paapam. hence allowing those jaathis to eat meat without dosha?

Ravi Chandrasekhara

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> Namaste,
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> Is it work or a ritual, pls. clarify.  It reminds me anga nyAsa, kara 
> nyAsa in shata rudreeya recitation.... nirUdha pashubandhAtmane 
> anAmikAbhyAm namaH / kavachAya huM.  I was told that pashu bali would not 
> take place exactly at the yAga shAla it will be done some nearby place 
> some Ritvik would bring the essential part to the yAga shAla.
> //
> It is one among the 7 havir yajnAs which is performed twice in a year (once in
> dakshiNAyaNa and another in uttarAyaNa).  
> Yes, these nyasas are performed before chanting of shatarudriya. There are also
> also kratus that are mentioned during nyasas which conclude with "sarva-kratvAtmanE.."
> Which implies shatarudriya pATha confers the benefit on performance of these kratus.
> Because, nyAsa implies "placing & holding upon oneself".  So, having understood the 
> concepts of these kratus properly, one should place them upon oneself thereby one becomes fit for "antar-yajana" or "antar yAga".  The external rituals (bahiryAga) confer chitta shuddhi which paves the way for internalisation (antaryAga).  
> BTW, in early 90s, a place near Sringeri was chosen and a pashu yaga was
> infact performed with the approval of Sringeri Acharya.  This was done without
> any pomp.  There animal sacrifice did take place.
> regs,
> sriram
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