[Advaita-l] vedic yajna

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Nov 23 06:02:19 CST 2011

RV: If you read the book I quoted "Review of Beef in Ancient India", it
argues elaborately why Shankara does not talk about bull (young or old) but
only two medicinal herbs of different intensities
All of you here have argued that vedas are "apaursheya" and are "flawless". 
So, when vedas did mention about pashu yaga, why don't the people 
accept the same "as it is".  Which implies they have a shaky faith in
shruti vakya.  Why these secondary interpretations.  
vEdOakhilaM dharma mUlaM is the vAkya.  So, when vedas did mention about
pashu yAga, it implies that the so-called himsa is also dhArmic in nature.  
In nirUDha-pashubandha, the pashu bali is there. 
The logic is as simple as it is.  If the boy accepts the girl's hand in the presence of
agni, it is vivAha.  The children born through her are called santAna. Such parents are
called mAta & pita.  
If it is otherwise, then it is called adultery and children are illegitimate.
Shastras do mention pashu bali and mind you it is not himsa and hence it is called
"a-dhvara" ie., the yajna without himsa.

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