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We cannot follow SankarabhAshya for all matters like Yajnas. A
Sannyasin writing details of Yajnas is not the correct authority.  He
said some remarks on Ganapati worship in Gitabhashya but all Smartas
worship him. Chief Message of Adi Sankara is Advaita Philosophy. There
he is highest authority.

Moreover there is authorirty of Smrutis saying गावो मे मातरः सन्तु
पितरः सन्तु गोवृषाः and तासां तु पूजया राजन् पूजिताः पितृमातरः  When
the Smrutis are asking to worship Cows they cannot be killed. That is
why Cows are called A-ghnya in Vedas also. अघ्न्या means it cannot be
killed. In the dictionary you will see Aghnya  means cow only.

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> Ghee is a common element in all these cases - sarpishmantam aSnIyAtAm...
> The specific additions to the odanam (cooked rice) are kshIra (milk), dadhi
> (curd), udaka (water), tila (sesame seeds) and mAMsa (meat) of ukshA or
> Rshabha.
> SAnkarabhAshya says, "mAMsa-miSram odanaM mAMsaudanam. ... auksheNa
> vA mAMsena, ukshA secanasamarthaH pungavaH, tadIyaM mAMsam. RshabhAs
> tato'py adhika-vayAH, tadIyam ArshabhaM mAMsam".
> Please note that Sankara bhagavatpAda lived very much in the kaliyuga and he
> does not talk of any substitutions for ukshA and Rshabha here.
> Vidyasankar
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