[Advaita-l] vedic yajna

Naresh Cuntoor nareshpc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 17:40:14 CST 2011

> >
> > RV: If you read the book I quoted "Review of Beef in Ancient India", it
> argues elaborately why Shankara does not talk about bull (young or old) but
> only two medicinal herbs of different intensities. The best way to
> ascertain the truth is to look up the procedure to the rituals referred to
> in the upanishadic text. Does any one know what ritual it is and where it
> is described?
> -

The original text and the commentary are quite clear. Unless you redefine
the words mAMsa, puMgauH, RShabha, sechana, vayaH, etc., I don't see how
can see herbs and medicines here. And no, I haven't read the book you
quoted. After reading the fanciful interpretations mentioned here, I am not
going to run out to get a copy either.


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