[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

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On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 11:48 AM, Venkata sriram P
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> Namaste

> Memorizing is not a great feat.  How many of them assimilated the
> essence of it.
> I personally have witnessed several vedic ghanApATis who have memorized
> entire veda but still fight on the dais for sambhAvanAs and counting the
> cash with a grudge on donors.
It is not fair to find fault with the respected Ghanapathis. They got
financial support before we got this farce Indian democracy. Can
anybody be proud of the Indian politicians today? They are sucking the
wealth of the country and looting us. How can you say the poor
Ghanapathis are doing something wrong asking for few thousand rupees
when rogue politicians are looting thousands of crores and keeping it
in Swiss banks? Does the Veda not deserve encouragement and financial
support? I have personally paid thousands of rupees to Ghanapathis
when I meet them.

> What great things we have achieved by “practicing anushtanam”
> that we snub the people who lack the relevant anushtanam.
> Let us introspect ourselves that first and be aware of our own limitations.
But we cannot say we ourselves are no good. This is unproductive. This
is why foreigners ruled us  many centuries.

> sriram



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