[Advaita-l] Traditional Scholarship vs Modern Pseudo-Intellectualism

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> On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 08:23, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Namaste
>> The question you are asking is depth or breadth better?  It is always
>> better to know one thing in great depth than to know a hundred things
>> in breadth.
> And depth can not come without breadth here.
> Any determination in one school can not come without refuting conflicting
> schools. And to refute those schools one needs to study them without bias
> to first school. So, both are needed.
No. Prakarana Grantha can be sufficient for understanding our school.
No need to know other schools.

>> They say if you know only one mantra that is Gayatri Mantra and
>> practice it sincerely not knowing any other mantra that is sufficient.
>> No need to know anything more.
> But, how could one practice gAyatrI without having determined validity of
> veda-s ?

 Faith in Gayatri Mantra is sufficient. There was one discussion
recently. अनन्ता वै वेदाः |  It is impossible to know complete Vedas.
But Gayatri is the essence of all Vedas.

> Spirituality is not a goal unique to all. Why are you making it a scale ?
>> The Western Academic Professors may be
>> scholars but they
>> are not practicing the knowledge. They are good for clearing exams and
>> getting marks.
> Do you mean that they can't understand because they don't practice ? Are
> you practicing everything you know ? Or, is it ever possible to do so ? If
> not, why are you insisting it for foreigners ?
We Indians may not practicing also. But there are some Indian scholars
practicing. We can study from them. Why go to foreigners?



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