[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

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> In which case, I would provide my best wishes and encourage you to make the
> most of the opportunity to learn the subtleties of Mimamsa reasoning from
> the
> learned Sastrigal. You might also, if your studies with him progress
> quickly, want
> to ask him to explain how the pUrva and the uttara Mimamsa perspectives
> differ
> on sound and the veda, keeping in mind the sphoTa angle of the grammarians
> that is in the background. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how
> "modern"
> the opinions and conclusions of some traditional thinkers can be!

> >
> > > *By sound I mean that which can be heard by the human ear. Whatever
> > > irrespective of the theory of origin. I am happy to be corrected. *
> >
> My angle is this. Any contemporary reconstruction that you may want to do
> regarding the veda's status as apaurusheya texts will have to take into
> account
> the contemporary ideas about the origin of the universe, origin of life
> (if there
> was a temporal origin for life post Big Bang) and evolution of human
> beings.
> Unless of course, you only want to address creationists from other
> religious
> backgrounds. Given that human beings with human ears to perceive sound
> were not around at the origin of the universe (even in the brAhmaNa and
> AraNyaka descriptions, the universe began before men and women were
> born to perceive it), you will have a lot of perspectives to cover and
> tackle.
> *I take your point. I was planning to deal with it in terms of general
theories that use the logic of modern science and mathematics as new
theories will emerge in future to explain sound, energy, origin etc.
However, I will take up a specific examples of contemporary theories to
show that apaureshyatva is valid in modern context. *

> Best wishes,
> Vidyasankar
> ps. If you are interested in pursuing further thinking on the Mimamsa
> aspects of
> Vedanta, one English language author you absolutely need to read is
> Francis X.
> Clooney. He has written a number of papers and books on Mimamsa and I think
> you will find a lot of it useful.
*I have heard that Clooney is vatican sponsored anti-Hindu professor. If I
get his books free, I will use them but wont pay for anti-Hindu campaign. *

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