[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Apaureshyatva

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Sun Nov 6 02:56:18 CST 2011

Shree Rajaram - PraNAms
I must say, with due respects, that there is no logic in the arguments. Logic formally is based on having a dRishTanta for vyaapti. 
Apourusheyatvam is aloukikam; and it is suffice to say that apourusheyatvam is scripturally based and leave it with that. Any other proof is what is normally called self-fulfilling prophesy only, that is trying to prove what is already taken for granted. 
There is no need to defend Vedas - there is no need to defend any science. It provides its own defence since what is pointed is truth not some belief. For example Gravitational forces requires no defence from any body. Similarly I am conscious-existent entity and is non-negatable absolute truth is obvious form avathaatrayam analysis. It requires no defence. 
What is required is shraddha for a seeker to precede taking Vedas as working hypothesis and give up wrong notions about oneself. Faith is essential ingredient for any new knowledge to take place.  addhyatmika vidya is no exception.

Just my 2c.
Hari Om!

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I am of the opinion that veda apaureshyatva has to be defended from
logical, historical, scriptural, philosophical, scientific and relgious

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