[Advaita-l] Gopuja videos - the gosUkta of the R^ig veda

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The 28th sUkta of the 6th maNDala of the Rg Veda is called the GosUkta,
also called the AgAvIya hymn since it starts with "A gAvo...".

sAyaNa in his commentary cites the AshvalAyana gR^ihya sUtra 2.10.7
(AgAvIyameke), which prescribes the recital of the hymn when the cows
return home. The Rishi of this sUkta is BharadvAja. There are 8 Riks in
this sUkta dedicated to the cows which are the deity of the sUkta. The
second mantra has also indra as its devatA. Mantras 1, 5, 6, and 7 are in
triShTup metre while the three mantras 2-4 are in JagatI and the last one
in anuShTup.

Here is the first mantra with sAyaNa's commentary:

आ गावो अग्मन्नुत भद्रमक्रन्त्सीदन्तु गोष्ठे रणयन्त्वस्मे।
प्रजावतीः पुरुरूपा इह स्युरिन्द्राय पूर्वीरुषसो दुहानाः ॥

गाव आग्मन्। अस्मदीयं गृहमागच्छन्तु । उतापि च भद्रं भजनीयं शुभमक्रन् ।
कुर्वन्तु । तथा गोष्ठे अस्मदीये गवां स्थाने सीदन्तु । उपविशन्तु ।
तदनन्तरमस्मे अस्मासु रणयन्तु । रमन्ताम् । अपि चेहास्मिन् गोष्ठे पुरुरूपा
नानावर्णा गावः प्रजावतीः प्रजावत्यः सन्ततिसहिताः पूर्वीर्बह्व्य
इन्द्रायेन्द्रार्थमुषस उषःकालान् प्रति दुहाना दोहमानाः स्युः । भवेयुः ॥

May the cows come to our abode and bring good fortune! Let them be seated
in our cowshed and be pleased with us. May the cows of many colors be with
many calves and yield milk for Indra in many dawns.

The GosUkta is employed in the GopUjA and the "charu homa" performed to
honor the cows.


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