[Advaita-l] Can a jnAni become temporarily deluded?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Nov 3 01:17:41 CDT 2011

The word "deluded" seems to have a considerably different meaning and
implication when it comes to aa avatAra as compared to an aj~nAnI. In
the former's case, it is being called self-chosen or self-willed.  Is
that the idea ?
I don't think "deluded" is the right word to be used in case of Avatara Purushas.
Appayya Dikshitar in Siddhanta Lesha Samgraha uses 2 beautiful words for Bhagavan
Ramachandra ie., naTana & abhinaya.  Ramachandra's naTana & abhinaya is to 
honour "vipra shApa" ie., the curse of Bhrigu Maharishi.  
If the above 2 words are not used then it contradicts the state of
parameshwara's mukta sthiti.  
Bhagavan Ramachandra is jitakrOdhaH & jitEndriyaH.  But He seems to act like ordinary
human being just to demonstrate the different moods of ordinary mortals.  Had Rama not
reacted to the illusory golden deer, Sita would not have been abducted.  Had Sita not been
abducted, the annihilation of Ravana would not have been possible.  
So, Rama enacted himself like ordinary mortal just to honour the Bhrigu Shapa and 
annihilate Ravana. 


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