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Tue May 31 23:27:41 CDT 2011

Namaste Murtyji,
Is anyone following all  5 Sivaratris? Is there a Smarta Sampradaya
following Masa and other Sivaratris?

Infact, everyone should observe "nitya sivarAtri".  Depending upon the adhikAra bhEda, this order is prescribed so that atleast (for adhamAs) observe mahAsivarAtri once in a year.   Everyday should be a sivarAtri for mumukShUs.  
By the term ‘rAtri’ here, one should not be confused with ordinary night where
one is in tamOmaya. "brahmamAyAtmika rAtriH" says the purANa. The term
“rAtri” is of the state of Absolute Consciousness. Ratri is termed as the
abhAva or aprAkasa of indriya pravrittIs. rAtri is a state or phenomena where all the indriyas are in the state of dissolution. It is a state where the entire sense organs and organs of perception (knowledge) are withdrawn and dissolved in the source at Heart Centre (Hridaya Guha).  
As the shruti says "chandramA manasO jAtaH", the presiding deity of Mind is Moon and hence the waxing of the moon has subtle influence on the upAsakAs mind.  
Sukla Paksha indicates the Mano-vikAsa because the kaLAs of moon increase and krishna paksha indicate the mano-laya and the kaLAs of the moon decrease and on amAvAsya, there is only 1 kaLA in the moon called "amA kaLa" or "dhruvA kaLA".  
This "amA kaLa" is the Chit Kala / Nitya Kala with which Lord Siva starts the creation.  THis creation is projected forth in the form of pratipad tithi with 2 kaLAs of moon in Sukla Paksha.  
Depending upon the waxing of the moon & its subtle influences on the mind, the anadhyaya dinas of veda are decided and they are ashtami, navami, chaturdasi, amavasya, padyami.  Commencement of veda is not preferred these days as it 
results in loss of memory and loss of brahma tejas both in acharya & sishya.  
Now, coming to the point of discussion, there is also another interpretation to the word rAtri which is associated with kuNDalini yOga.  The SaTchakra bhEdana and amrita srAva (trickling of nectar from Sahasrara Chakra)  is only performing in the Night and NOT in day.  Hence, the term yOga rAtri.  These subtle aspects are described as a part of AntaryAga Paddhati of Srividya and this is not a forum to discuss these.   
So, to conclude, every mumukshu should observe nitya siva ratri.  Mahasiva Ratri is the adhama paksha ie., atleast observe this siva ratri once in a year so that he will get siva bhakti.


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