[Advaita-l] Mauna and types of Mouna

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Sri Dakshinamurthy  taught his disciples Sanaka,Sanandana,
Sanatsujata,Sanatkumara in Silence and this was enough to dispel their

The significance of Mouna in spirituality and advaitic sadhana needs
particular emphasis.
The control of talk  Vak-Mouna, the subjugation of the organs(Indriyas) is
Karana-Mouna ; the ceasing  of one s physical actions is Kashta-Mouna ;
these are the three kinds of silence, wherein the mind s functions are not
paralysed. These three pertain to the first class of Tapaswins. But the wise
say that Brahmic bliss without beginning or end and without the
differentiated pains, whether enjoyed by one with direct cognition of such a
bliss or not is Sushupti Mouna in Jivanmuktas.The concept of Sushupti Mouna
is discussed in detail in Yoga Vashista Maha Ramayana.

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