[Advaita-l] mandukyopanishad for sanyasis

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Sun May 29 08:16:48 CDT 2011

Whether it is mANDukya / muNDaka, it's study is not limited to sanyasis only because
vedanta is not a water-tight compartmentalized system
Mandukyopanishad is not for just cursory reading just like any other text book,because what is said there is a very prfound truth as the concluding karika of gaudapada says:'Durdarsham atigambhiram ajam samyam visharadam
Buddva padam ananatvam namskurmo yatha balam"
The concepts of the gaudapada karika wiluprout whatever the original notions the seeker may have.For that he has to prepare himself,and that is why sanyasa is recommended for the seeker in those days.You can consult the well read and the well ordained sanyasis.

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