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Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Fri May 27 07:20:21 CDT 2011

Dear list,

I was going through the archives and have a dumb/fundamental question. As such 
there are several advaita variants and Sankara-advaita is one of them. Is this 
list meant for Advaita or Sankara-advaita? 

>From many of the posts I get a feeling that it is about Sankara's advaita but 
also get a feeling that it is the only Advaita. So I was not very sure if we 
mean by advaita the general philosophy of non-dualism or specifically Adi 
Sankara's vivarta vada. 

Also, if we look at the objections raised by other vedanta darsanikas (Sri 
Ramanuja etc) non-dualism is not their primary contention. There are qualified 
advaita, pure advaita, dvaita and all kinds of combinations in these - to my 
mind it is rather the vivarta vada that they dispute the most in Adi Sankara's 
darsana, as opposed to the pariNAma vAda of all those darsanas. 

Invite comments/corrections... 

There is no division in Advaita.there are no Advaita of variou types as the questioner above has raised.-Shankara's Advaita is no doubt Advaita.There ar no Shankara's Advaita or any other Advaita.The Vivarta Vada in Shankara Siddhanta as opposed to parinama vada has ben discussed by many scholars.If parinama vada is the real one then the reality "Brahman"in the Ramanuja theory cannot be without change.Then it is contradictory to what Ramanuja claims as "Brahman"is real with real attributes in "Satyam.Jnanam Anantam "Brahma".

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