[Advaita-l] Which Advaita?

ShankaraBharadwaj Khandavalli shankarabharadwaj at yahoo.com
Fri May 27 03:09:45 CDT 2011

Dear list,

I was going through the archives and have a dumb/fundamental question. As such 
there are several advaita variants and Sankara-advaita is one of them. Is this 
list meant for Advaita or Sankara-advaita? 

>From many of the posts I get a feeling that it is about Sankara's advaita but 
also get a feeling that it is the only Advaita. So I was not very sure if we 
mean by advaita the general philosophy of non-dualism or specifically Adi 
Sankara's vivarta vada. 

Also, if we look at the objections raised by other vedanta darsanikas (Sri 
Ramanuja etc) non-dualism is not their primary contention. There are qualified 
advaita, pure advaita, dvaita and all kinds of combinations in these - to my 
mind it is rather the vivarta vada that they dispute the most in Adi Sankara's 
darsana, as opposed to the pariNAma vAda of all those darsanas. 

Invite comments/corrections... 


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