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Sorry for the typo here.  
 // I came across the name of the flower (there was image) with 7 leaves //
It should read as "There was not an image".

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Dear All,
Some time back i studied an article on the topic "dEvata puShpAs & vrikShAs".
This article is related to the plants & flowers that are of divine origin like bilva 
vrikSha etc.  
I came across the name of the flower (there was image) with 7 leaves whose
name is "shArad puShpa" ie., shAradA flower.  It has a divine origin like 
pArijAta puShpa and usually bloom in early autumn ie., sharad ritu.  
And hence, this flower is named as "shArad puShp".  
It is interesting to note that the 7 leaves of this shArad puShp is contemplated 
as the sAstra vAngmaya rUpa in the form of vowels & consonants.  
The 7 leaves are a-varga, ka-varga, cha-varga, Ta-varga, ta-varga, ya-vargas respectively.  
Since, Goddess Sarada is the sAstra vAngmaya rUpa in the form of mAtrika varNamAla that are categorized as above-mentioned 7 vargas, this divine form of flower (shArad puShp) is used for Mother Sarada's worship that represents Her form.  Moreover, 
it is the seasonal flower that blooms in the month of sarad (autumn).  
Since, the Devi is worshipped with this shArad puShp in sharad ritu, the name
"shAradA" stuck to the Divine Mother.  
Unfortunately, i have neither seen this flower in any of the botanical journals nor in the
internet search engines.  
I request the botanical specialists here to kindly show me the sketches of 
this divine flower shArad puShp with 7 leaves.
With regs,

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