[Advaita-l] structured approach to learning advaita

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I would suggest that first basic prakaraNa granthas. 

1. tatva bodha
2. aatma bodha 
3. Bhagavat Gita
There are some basic fundmental texts like - Manual of Self unfoldment by Swami Chinmayanandaji which gives many fundemental concepts for one to follow. These should be studied at least in study group format where one can discuss the contents after studying. One can also listen to the tapes or CDs but need to be discussed after listening and taking notes. 

Then comes VivekachuDamaNi and Upanishad texts. DakshiNamurthy prayer slokas are different from the prakaraNa Granthas where Shankara packs very deep philosophical truths in Sharduula vikriiditam meter. It is so deep that Sureswara wrote commentary - manasollasa on that. I am afraid the beginner will get lost in the arguments.

4. Brahmasuutra

All the texts require a teacher if not a gurukula type but at least one who has studied with some teacher. Now a day, Chinmaya mission has trained many teachers who are now infiltrating into local areas to teach. A study group or classes close by are available close to any metropolitan city. I would try to find one than try to study the texts myself. One will be throughly confused if he tries to study himself. 

There are many spiritual camps that are being conducted and some on line too.

That reminds me that we are going to have a two day Memorial Day camp this coming Saturday and Sunday - from 9:00AM to 5:00PM with short breaks for tea and lunch. One can listen on internet live by opening the website <www.advaitaforum.org> and click on Rama Gita. This text is from Adhyaatma Ramayana from Uttarakanada where Shree Rama teaches Lakshmana who was very much perturbed since his reverend sister-in-law Sitaji was sent to forest. While summarizing the Vedantic approach, the emphasis of the text is on the mahavaakya - tat tvam asi. There are 62 verses and will be covered in the two day camp.

Hari Om!

--- On Wed, 5/25/11, Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in> wrote:

> The tradition starts with Dakshinamurty Stotra,
> Vivekachudamani, Upadesa Sahasri,
> Aparoksha Anubhuti, Vedantasara of Sadananda, Vedanta
> Paribhasha, Vedanta Panchadasi, Jivanmukti Viveka,
> Satasloki, Vasudeva Mananam etc. 
> But to start with, IMHO, Dakshinamurty Stotram is the ideal
> one that explain the 
> basic advaitic tenets in a simple & lucid style.  We
> chant this hymn everyday without
> fail alongwith Gurupaduka Stotra and Guru Parampara
> Stotra.
> regs,
> sriram 
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