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> Namaste Satishji,
> The Puranas and the Epics (or the Itihasas), rightly called the fifth Veda,
> by the Upanishad,  must conform to the five laksanas, accordinjg to the
> Matsya Purana and history is one of those five lakshanas. Now in the maze of
> the anecdotes used to elaborate the spiritual truths it may not be possible
> for the ordinary people to see the historical truths but the historians
> among us  do see the historical data. Using the data from the Ramayana
> people could approach the date of Lord Ram. However only very recently I had
> been able to find the date of Lord Ram accurately from the astronomical data
> given in the Ramayana with the help of  the latest astronomical software.
> Similarly I could found the the date of the Mahabharata war with the data in
> that and using astronomical calculations.

Great !!!
I'll like to know conclusions according to these calculations.
Do they fit our yuga-system ? Do they confirm our belief or go against ?
A precise answer will suffice as I don't know jyotiSham.

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