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On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 09:07, Jaldhar H. Vyas

>  Since it is a purANa(padma purANa in this case) which speaks about Adi
> Shankara misleading people with mAyAvAda.. do you believe everything the
> padma purANa says about Adi Shankara. If yes no question. If no, i am
> interested in knowing why.

Jaldhar already said that if it was originally in padmapurANa then it must
have been quoted by earlier opponents. So, no for belief in this portion of

Even if I accept this, you can't prove that sha~Nkara propounded mAyAvAda.
How ?
Tell me what is meant by mAyAvAda and I'll reply.
And if you can't prove that it is mAyAvAda then it comes that padma-vAkya is
not for sha~Nkara.

Even if I anyhow grant that sha~Nkara is being called there, you will have
to prove that it is ast-shAstram. That is quite difficult for you as long as
we are here.

Then, you have to accept that padma-vAkya is for specific people as it is
describing sha~Nkara against other pramANas.It is for those people who are
not adhikArI of vedAnta. To generate shraddhA in karma, devatA, yAga, etc.
it is essential to draw it from advaita which is opposed to kartR^itva and
bhoktR^itva. Another thing is possible. People who are born as brAhmaNa,
etc. but were cursed by gautama, dadhIchi, shiva, etc and are not adhikArI
of advaita are subject of pApa-bhoga and for that shraddhA from veda and
vedAnta must go. Hence this all.

This is the way mImAMsA goes.

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